New Article on Preventing Account Theft

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Crime Prevention

Lately, account theft has been an issue on the minds of a lot of Guild Wars players. Particularly with spots in the next championship at stake, keeping your account a private, sacred thing is important. There are a few ways you can lose your account to morally vacant thieves, and we don't want you to get caught by any of them.

Farming is dull, but it doesn't break the rules of the game. Cheating does. Am I failing to appeal to your moral fiber? No? Okay, how about this—none of those cheat programs actually work. They're just trying to get your information and put nasty programs on your hard drive. The things they promise are absurd. Think I'm kidding you? I'm not. But if you still don't believe me, I have one word for you: "keyloggers."

This article discusses cheat software, keylogging, account theft and most importantly, prevention. Check out Cheating, Keylogging, and Stolen Accounts at Guild Wars - TenTonHammer and protect yourself.

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