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A tell-all interview with... a Dungeons & Dragons Online NPC?

Each month, DDO - Ten Ton Hammer brings you an interview from the Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) community. Okay. Here's the deal: Ralsu had an interview lined up with Sporkfire and Samera, but Friday he realized he wasn't able to get all of the questions answered in time for this month's interview.

Ralsu was desperate for an interview with most people's schedules filled up for the weekend. When his own mother turned him down, he remembered that Three-Fingered Thad would do anything for money. Keep your eyes peeled for that exclusive interview with Turbine's community figureheads in May. In the meantime, enjoy his chat with Three-Fingered Thad!

Ralsu: How does one become a vendor NPC?

Thad: All ye have to do is have somethin' to sell and a winning smile. (chuckles for a bit before starting to cough)

Ralsu. I see. And do you craft your wares yourself.

Thad: Craft 'em myself! Har! Er--no.

Ralsu (confused): ...

Thad: Now, why d'ye suppose it is called Smuggler's Rest, lad?

Check out the full interview at DDO - TenTonHammer.

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