SUN - Open Beta Starts May 15

Posted Wed, Apr 26, 2006 by Awenyddion

I know, I'm a day late and about $2.50 short on this one. However, I didn't post it before and I'll rectify that mistake.

SUN is going Open Beta on May 15th.

- Addition of a spacious field and Mission Competing System, 2 weeks delay in OB schedule

(2006-04-21) ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation (SUN)’, the most anticipated game for 2006, will be reborn as a next generation game with the introduction of a powerful Mission Competing System.

Webzen Inc. (CEO Nam Ju Kim, announced that the open beta test which was originally planned to commence on May 2, will be pushed back 2 weeks to May 15, with the full-scale introduction of the Mission Competing System.

Accordingly, the 2nd pre-open beta testing date will be adjusted to commence on May 8 to May 12.

Webzen CEO Nam Ju Kim stated, “After the success of MU, as a leading company in this industry, we want to continue to lead the next generation games through SUN. Even taking into consideration all the risks associated with the service delay, we believe that through these new contents, we will be able to satisfy all the SUN users with high anticipation

In the SUN open beta test, not only a spacious field map will be added, but also a new concept of a detailed quest system will be introduced. Also, newly integrating the mission and competition elements as the main composition, the game will provide a ‘survival mode’, which the users will have to compete which other in order to survive, and the ‘time attack’ mode, where the users will hunt as many monsters as possible during a limited time. The users will also be able to enjoy the vivid PvP element, and the ‘ranking system’ which will be provided regularly within the game.

The AC (Area Conquest) System, where the user can receive various benefits depending on the amount of contribution by the user in its corresponding area, is another factor the users will enjoy during the open beta.

Webzen is in the process of testing the open beta version of SUN, and is preparing the marketing promotion strategy for the grand open on May 15.

You'll have to tell me how fun the game is.

More news on SUN.

SotUN_Graveyard.jpg will soon be adding another game to their growing lineup with the announcement of their acquisition of the right to publish the epic fantasy based MMORPG, 'Soul of the Ultimate Nation' in...

Press Release, Official Announcements
Thu, May 21, 2009

The land of the rising SUN?

Not quite, but close. Webzen announced today that Soul of the Ultimate Nation became the latest game gone red...

After a highly successful five-week open beta testing that began on April 18 through The 9 (, Soul of the Ultimate Nation will now be available as a full paid online service. Beginning on May 24, Chinese subscribers can use a micro payment: an array of payment cards – including The 9 recharge card, online card or bank card – to acquire game cash for items in the item shop.

Press Release, Official Announcements
Thu, May 24, 2007

The MMO to bridge East and West?

Though I get a little cheesed at meaningless game names whose sole purpose is to fill out a snappy abbreviation, I might just give Soul of the Ultimate Nation (or SUN, /sigh) a shot, based on what TMCnet's saying.

"Sun'' has top-quality graphics and sound, but what distinguishes it most from a hundred similar MMORPGs is that it is designed to meet the taste of both Western and Asian audiences. There are tons of missions, quests and adventures for Western users who tend to play solo.

Apparently, for the first time ever, it's a blend of what eastern and western gamers want . Oh, Lineage you say? FFXI you say? Nevermind those.

Just read TMCnet's first impressions on Webzen's Soul of the Ultimate Nation by clicking here.

Mon, May 29, 2006

Looks like these guys got a little more info than we did out of our visit. If you haven't heard of SUN yet, it looks like a visually stunning game. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

irst blush and I couldn’t take my eyes off the game. Let’s face it, it’s truly a moving piece of artwork. I don’t normally go gaga for graphics but in the case of SUN it made me want to take the time to play it some and see it up close and personal. On screen it was high detail and crisp all the way down to the last pixel. The movies playing on screen were impressive as well but nothing beats taking a look at the game itself instead of just the prefab movies created to make the game look as good as possible.

Read the rest here.

Fri, May 19, 2006

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