Auto Assault TCG Reviewed

Posted Thu, Apr 27, 2006 by Ethec

AA as a trading card game... papercuts, anyone?

If the Auto Assault trading card game matches the intensity of the MMORPG, you'd best wear protective gloves. Fortunately, we're talking an online TCG here. GameTunnel reviews AA in online TCG form, free to try for Auto Assault subscribers (your serial number will net you a free starter deck).

In Auto Assault TCG you have only two objectives and no strategic map. That isn’t to say the Auto Assault game lacks strategy, it just isn’t quite as deep as Star Chamber. If you are a hardcore strategy fan, check out Star Chamber at If you are a Magic the Gathering player or simply curious to see what a TCG is all about, I suggest Auto Assault at

Bottom line, it appears that the Auto Assault Trading Card Game works best as an intro to TCG gaming. But, dude, why not login to Auto Assault TKM (The Kickass MMORPG) as long as you're going to be on the computer?

Anyway, check out Game Tunnel's review of Auto Assault TCG to sate your trading card curiosity!


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