Earthrise: 1st Newsletter

Posted Fri, May 02, 2008 by Ram

Earthrise releases 1st monthly newsletter.

Earthrise is not due out until 2009 but that hasn't stopped the buzz. Case in point the first of the monthly newsletters. Check it out!

The past few months have been busy for Earthrise in the media! Our fans have kept us at the top of MMORPG's hype meter with a solid 7.3 and we secured a spot in the Top 10 Most Popular Games for most of last month! To ensure you are up-to-date with all of the latest news we have compiled a list that highlights important interviews, screenshot exclusives, and news releases.

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SilentFuture announces new Founder Package options for Earthrise that can get you right into the alpha/beta testing.

News, Official Announcements
Wed, Apr 03, 2013
Our world made it through alright, but a number of game worlds came to an end in 2012. Did the ancient Mayans foresee these events?
Mon, Dec 31, 2012

SilentFuture preps Earthrise for a return to closed beta and opens up the application process for the community.

Beta, News, Official Announcements
Mon, Dec 31, 2012

Earthrise is making a return later this year with new tech, new backstory and gameplay improvements thanks to Wuppertal-based developer SilentFuture.

Press Release, News, Official Announcements
Thu, May 10, 2012

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