Vivendi, Activision Pull Out of ESA and E3

Posted Sat, May 03, 2008 by Morvelaira

That means no WoW at E3.

Vivendi Games, and it's soon to be merged counterpart Activision have not only announced that they will not be attending E3 this year, but that they have also withdrawn their memberships in the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the parent organization of the E3 event. Several other game makers have declined to attend E3 as well, but retain their membership. Rumor is circulating the unhappiness is due to disatisfaction with the new ESA president.

The news follows earlier reports from consumer website Game Nexus that an Activision representative had said: "After careful consideration, for business reasons Activision has decided not to participate in any official E3 activities. We wish the ESA best of luck with the show."

Start tracking down this very interesting development here.

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