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Be a Volunteer Moderator for Funcom

Updated Mon, Apr 15, 2013 by Martuk

Are you interested in being a volunteer forum moderator for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures? Well now is your chance. For those willing and able bodied people who wish to give this a try, you can send your applications to the Voice of Crom on the official Age of Conan forums.

Funcom is looking for additional volunteer forum moderators for our official Age of Conan English forums. The details are as follows:


Do you want to help build and ensure the well being of the Age of Conan community?

The Funcom Volunteer Forum Moderation Program is looking for individuals with excellent communication skills who are active in the Age of Conan community. These individuals would be entrusted with the moderation and well being of the Age of Conan community.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to joining the Funcom Volunteer Forum Moderation Program as a moderator. Then please read the information below on the requirements and send in your application via Private Message to The Voice of Crom.


An applicant for a moderator position on a Funcom forum has to meet the following requirements:

  • Good English Skills (no matter what language the preferred forum will be)
  • Good skills in the preferred forum’s language (English, German, French, Spanish…)
  • Active member on a Funcom forum for at least 2 months
  • Active player of the game (where applicable)
  • No infractions in any of the Funcom forums
  • Some experience in moderating forums
  • Organization skills


Please include “Volunteer Forum Moderation – Application” as the subject of your message. All other subject lines will be void and will be discarded.

Copy and paste the information below as the body of your message. Then please fill out the application and submit it to forum user The Voice of Crom.



Game: Which game forum would you like to moderate?
Language: Which languages do you speak and want to moderate in?

Name: Your real name.
Forum Handle: Your name on the Funcom forum you want to help moderate.
Age: Your date of birth.
Country of origin: Where you live and which time zone.
Online hours: The hours you tend to be around on the forums.

Past experiences:
Have you had any training on specific experience with moderation or community work in the past?

Additional comments:
If there were anything else you would like us to know about you that we didn’t cover in the other paragraphs.



If you have any questions about the program then please contact us by private message to The Voice of Crom.

  • You can read the official post here.

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