MapleStory 3rd Anniversary Events

Posted Thu, May 08, 2008 by Morvelaira

Explore Showa, the newest area in MapleStory!

MapleStory is celebrating it's 3rd anniversary with the introduction of a new Yakuza-themed area and a month long event!

Los Angeles, CA – May 7, 2008 – Nexon America Inc. celebrates the third anniversary of its free-to-play blockbuster, MapleStory, by unveiling new areas, contests and events for its Maple players. A worldwide sensation with more than 85 million members, MapleStory has already amassed 5.9 million users in North America in only three years.
To date Maplers have unleashed abundant guilds, created hilarious online video knockoffs of Nexon's MapleStory commercials and invigorated the game's forum with lively discussions. The anniversary events give the devoted community more ways to have fun in an already compelling and deep world of game play.
Among the many in-game events, users will be introduced to Showa, a major enhancement to the colossal Maple World. This new Yakuza-themed region features over 70 quests, areas and a challenging Boss fight. Additionally, Nexon will unveil the cake-themed monster, Big Puff Daddy, who pounds his way through several towns. GM events are planned throughout the month-long celebration, which features a Nexon Cash Shop sale just in time for summer. These anniversary events only add to the fun Maplers are already having in the Monster Carnival, fighting the Horntail or working the Maple Trading System, all added earlier this year.
The party extends beyond Maple World borders. Players who upload videos celebrating MapleStory's anniversary could win one of five prizes, including a new computer worth $1,500.

For more details, as well as how to make your video eligible for the contest, visit MapleStory's main site.


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