Fury Launches Fury League

Posted Fri, May 09, 2008 by Ram

The Ultimate in Skill-Based Competition

A $25,000 prize pool announced along with special offers to entice players back into the game. What are you waiting for?

We know you are a Fury Immortal but you may not know that Fury has undergone a MAJOR transformation. Today we announced the launch of Fury League - the ultimate competitive skill-based game.

To celebrate this new era of online gaming, all Fury players have been given a gift of 10,000 Fury Gold to spend in game on anything they wish. Just log into the game and the Gold will be in your account along with all 400+ abilities. That's right - no more 'grind" for abilities so you will be competitive from your first match.

Please also note that any equipment from prior to the Age of the Chosen update in December has been removed to ensure a level playing field for everyone. Spend your 10k Gold on creating your perfect armor set prior to a reset in June to preparation for the new Fury League era.

Fury League Qualifying Season is already underway and to entice thousands of players back into the game, we have two great offers. Every game you play in the Qualifying Season earns you a Free game once Fury League launches in June; plus, you can take part in two new special week long Cash Ladders.

The first Ladder will be 8 v 8 Vortex running from May 20 to May 26 and then the 4 v 4 Elimination Ladder runs from May 27 to June 2. There are 1,000 cash prizes for each of the Ladders with a total of $25,000 to be won. So log on now and start turning your gaming skill into cash.

For more, please visit Fury.

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Official Announcements
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2,000 individual cash prizes to be won.

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