Dream of Mirror Onine: Game Update

Posted Fri, May 09, 2008 by Ram

New Quest Steps, New Maps and Grow Your Pet

Dream of Mirror Online has a bunch of exciting updates planned during the next patch on Wednesday, May 14th.

Time has come to discover some new areas of the fantasy world of Kunlun Mirror: enter the Foggy Forest and the Blakatoa Peak!!! And if you want to follow your path now you have also the chance to enjoy the new steps of Main quest and of the new Hero Quest.

We add new contents to the item shop too:

* Minor Dimension Rift: this is a really useful item that allows you to access your warehouse anywhere anytime

* Hair colors: change your hair look with the brand new bright green, Emerald green, Carmine Red and light blue colors

* Enchantment scrolls: 6 new scrolls to enchant your armor and improve your defence bonus

* Some new fancy costume: the Mecha’s armor and equipment (helmet and jetpack) and cowboy’s costume and hat

* Intermediate evolution stone: make your pet grow! Thanks to this item, pets can now reach upper levels!

GameTribe will release this new game update on the next weekly patch on May 14th.

See you in Eversun!

For more, please visit DoMO.


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