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What's in a name?

More name changes this week than at a Vegas wedding chapel going-out-of-business sale. First, $165 mil in quarterly revenue earner "Vivendi Universal Games" became $165 mil in quarterly revenue earner "Vivendi Games" (they own Blizzard Entertainment, which, statistically speaking, all of you are subscribers of), now NCSoft's new internally developed MMO Aion became Aion: Tower of Eternity, cluing us in on one of the game's prevailing... landmarks.

Already confirmed for next week's E3 2006, NCSoft has today announced that the official name for the MMO Aion will be Aion: The Tower of Eternity. Named after the tower situated right at the heart of the gameworld, the MMO will be the first internally developed game from NCSoft since Lineage II in 2004.

TotalVideoGames has the full scoop on Aion's full name.

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