Arena Point Sellers Banned!

Updated Tue, May 13, 2008 by Messiah

Finally, something is being done...

There have been a large number of posts on various forums in the last few days announcing that players have been banned for point selling. It appears that Blizzard is finally dealing with the issue as shown in this example letter that I found on one of the sites discussing it.

Realm: Maiev
Character Name: ***
Account Action: 72 Hour Suspension
Offense: Arena Exploitation - Win Trading
Details: Player was verified to have been participating in the trade of Arena Team wins to artificially inflate their or another team’s Personal and Team Ratings.

Arena Currency Removed: 5000
Item(s) Removed:
Vengeful Gladiator's Spellblade
Vengeful Gladiator's Piercing Touch
Vengeful Gladiator's Grimoire
Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Trousers
Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Raiment
Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Handguards
Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Handguards
Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Cowl
Vengeful Gladiator's Felweave Amice
Vengeful Gladiator's Dreadweave Robe
Vengeful Gladiator's Dreadweave Mantle
Vengeful Gladiator's Dreadweave Leggings
Vengeful Gladiator's Dreadweave Gloves
Vengeful Gladiator's Battle Staff

Way to go Blizzard!

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