Revenge of the gamers: World of Warcraft is honing tomorrow's leaders

By Byron Mudry -

We All Knew that Guild Leaders are the Best Didn't We?

In what should come as no big surprise to any successful World of Warcraft player, we are great workers and leaders. The surprise is that the general community may finally be recognizing that. This article comes from ComputerWorld and explains how WoW may be training the future leaders in the community industry.

MMORPGs -- massively multiplayer online role-playing games -- like World of Warcraft, Eve and EverQuest may be the best simulators of tomorrow's business environment. So say Byron Reeves, Thomas W. Malone and Tony O'Driscoll in this month's Harvard Business Review. The authors found that these games closely mirror the evolving world of business: distributed decision-making, rapid response, ad hoc teams, and leadership through collaboration rather than authority.

You can read the whole article here.

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