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Warhammer Online: Quest Preview

Posted Wed, May 14, 2008 by Ram

Kill more rats but with a purpose. I like that!

The guys at Gamespy got a chance to experience some WAR content yesterday and are nice enough to let us all in on the fun.

Last night's demo afforded us the opportunity to check out the first few quests from two dramatically differing perspectives: as a newly-minted Dark Elf Disciple of Khaine and as a Dwarf Gadgeteer. Both fulfill similar roles in the abstract assembly line that is the modern MMO: damage-dealing, one (primarily) from a distance, the other at close range. The Gadgeteer at level one is able to "pull" enemies with a rifle blast, then proceed to whack them up close with a spanner once they're within range. Disciples shoot evil magic to bring monsters up close, before laying on them with debuffs and proceeding to mince them.

To read more, please visit GameSpy.

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