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AoC: Early Access Sold Out

Posted Wed, May 14, 2008 by Ram

No Soup For You!

Tarib, a Senior Community Manager on the AoC Forums posted this morning with some unfortunate news for those still hoping to get into the early access program.

Hello everyone. We here at Funcom are extremely happy with the demand that has been for our Early Access program. That demand has been so immense, that we are now sold out! We know that several people will be unhappy to not receive their Early Access time, but please bear with us in the remaining days. So:

* All English Early Access has sold out
* Some Early Access still available in Germany and France
* All Virtual items work will work on valid pre-order keys
* Pre-orders on accounts that was later cancelled will have their keys/account disabled

Thank you and look forward to seeing you all in Hyboria very shortly!

For more, please visit AoC Forums.

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