TR: E3 Tabula Rasa Impressions

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Kir Tries Game Out...

Shiina "Kir" Liao gives Ten Ton Hammer a first look at this little-known militaristic sci-fi MMO. Though NCSoft is not contemplating a release date at this point, we're pleased to report that the game looks fairly polished, and boasts more than a few quality innovations...

The large Tabula Rasa banner was the first thing I noticed, with its distinctive sci-fi art style and as soon as I walked up I was immediately asked whether I wanted to give out the boot camp tutorial a try, or run out for a guided tour. Feeling adventurous, I decided take the guided tour looking to jump into the action and meat of Tabula Rasa quicker. I pulled up a seat at the station, and was handed a nice heavy duty headset and instructed on how to use voice communications. It was feeling like a tour already, and so it begins.

Find out more of her impressions and what she was able to learn from the developers of Tabula Rasa at E3 here.

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