New Server for Wonderland Online

Posted Thu, May 22, 2008 by Morvelaira

Yay for more players!

Due to increasing population, Wonderland Online will open it's third server, Gemini.

Recently, the number of Wonderland Online players on WL servers has increased dramatically. In order to relieve the population stress and offer better service as well as invite more new players to join Wonderland Online. The WL team has decided to release a new server next week. The server, called Gemini, will have 2 server branches.

Meanwhile, the WL team will be holding the Forbes List and the King of the Newbie events on the new server. The events will last around 1 month. Players who rank at the top 23 in the list will obtain big rewards. Start your new adventures now!

For more information, check out Wonderland Online's main site.

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