The Underhalls Daytime Quests

The Underhalls Daytime Quests

The Underhalls Daytime Quests


The Underhalls might very well be the first real dungeon you experience in Age of Conan. This awesome zone is more than just a place to grind out kills, it holds the key to an amazing amount of Tortage Daytime Quests within it's walls. We here at Ten Ton Hammer certainly don't want to send you into such a dangerous place without a bit of guidance, so we've provided some help for the Tortage quests that will be taking you into The Underhalls.

Be aware, this zone is actually made up of several small zone which can get very confusing. We do our best to specify which part of The Underhalls you need to be, and provide a mini-map for that section alone. Your mini-map in game will show you the overall zones of The Underhalls.

Good luck to you oh brave adventurers!


Quest Name
Starting NPC
Quest Details
A Deadly Message
Captain Redrik
Kill thieves in the Askia portion of The Underhalls for Redrik's map. These can be a pain as this is a very popular enemy. Persistence pays off though and I got my drop on my 5th kill!
Cimmerian Blue Steel
Captain Redrik
Speak to Turach just outside the city gates after picking up this quest. Turach said it was taken by thieves hiding out in The Underhalls. You'll find the bars on a worktable in the Askia portion of the zone.
Domicile of Vileness
Find the Lotus Box from within The Underhalls. The box is found in the Keep Dungeon portion of the zone, on the stairs near the Wine Cellar.
Dousing the Fire
Collect the dusty bottles! Head south of Turach up the hill and there you will find an entrance into the Underhalls. This room is where you gather the bottles from.
Find Garus in the Askia portion of The Underhalls. He's in one of the western rooms.

Gold and Gore
Retrieve gold rings from rotten corpses. Eww. These are in the Askia portion of The Underhalls through out the area.
Gone with the Wine
Kill guards to get the cell key in the Keep. It may not drop the first time, so keep at it until you get one! After you get the key, open the cell door and speak with Raboz.

The Halls of the Dead
You get this quest from Litharia who roams The Underhalls. She wants you to find the dying, injured, and sick prisoners. These are all near the door the goes out to Tortage harbor, on the lower level of The Underhalls.

Horror Beneath the Surface
Slay the Ceremonial Master found in the Keep Dungeon part of the The Underhalls. He's found up the ramp to the
2nd level and down the hall.

Missing Cargo, The
Captain Redrik
Collect the stolen pelts. These are in the Askia portion of The Underhalls and found on the walls through the area. The jewelry will end up being on a box near one of the pelts.
Prisoner's Revenge, The
Take the head of one male and one female prison guard. These guys are found all over the Keep.
Stench of Death, The
Find the hauler and take the note from his body. The hauler is one of the dead bodies laying around the Keep part of The Underhalls.

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