Magisters' Terrace Review

Posted Fri, May 23, 2008 by Xerin

At last, the fight with Kael'thas.

Magisters’ Terrace is the new 5-man instance introduced in World of Warcraft’s patch 2.4 and we at Ten Ton Hammer have braved this instance multiple times (on normal and in heroic) to give you our views and opinions on the instance’s design. Joins as we share our tales from battling within Kael’thas’s last stronghold in both Outland and Azeroth and see if all the hype was worth it!

Other enemies include mana wyrms which are only as challenging as you make them. They come in massive packs that are ready to be AoE’d down. The trick is to pull just enough that you can handle. That’s a nice way to organize an epic encounter. Letting players decide how many they want to take on is an excellent way to add a bit of variety. Though I will say that pulling the entire room may only be for those who are really overgeared for the instance!

Click here to see if the hype was worth it!

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