Chat with the Devs of Jumpgate Evolution

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You got questions? We got answers.

The Devs of Jumpgate Evolution will be fielding questions next week. Are these guys gold glove candidates? You be the judge.

Continuing our coverage of this exciting MMO, NetDevil and IGNVault invite you to participate in a chat with the devs of this great MMO!

This is your chance to ask the questions you want to have answered!

Our chat will take place next Tuesday, May 27th, at 8PM EST. Connection details are as follows:

IRC Server: irc.gamesurge.net
Channel: #ignvault
Date: Tuesday, May 27th.
Time: 8PM EST

So get your thinkin' caps on and looking forward to seeing you there!

For more inforamtion, sprint your way over to IGN Vault.

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