Editorial - Daily Quests: The New Grind?

Posted Sun, Jun 01, 2008 by Messiah

Are Daily quests really the best way to get gold?

Daily quests were introduced by Blizzard as a way to provide gold to the regular player out there in the World of Warcraft. The did this so well that many players have turned to them as "The" way to make money and replace the old gold farming grind. While there is no arguing that dailies are a quick easy way to get some money, are they really the best? And how has all this gold coming into the economy changed and effect the economy itself. This is the topic that Byron "Messiah" Mudry wrestles with in this weeks editorial.

Some players claim that daily quests provide more entertainment value as you have a quest you are working on. I don't buy it, and argue that they are the same. A quest provides something to do the first time you do it, however once you have completed it for the 23rd time, is there really any purpose there, other than the reward? I don't believe so.

You can read all about it in the editorial - Daily Quests: The New Grind?.

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