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Posted Fri, May 19, 2006 by Awenyddion

You can get a listing of the latest updates here at the official site.

Check out the new features. Our guys really loved this game when they saw it at E3 this year!

New Developer Log Looks At Update

Have you been waiting for the sickbay update? You're not alone. Kroll gives us an update in this entry of the developers journal.

Broken leg. Dislocated shoulder. Impaled liver.

I'm feeling like a butcher these days, planning and testing all kinds of nastiness for the players of Seed. No longer will people start a repairjob, and go out for coffee while their tool finishes the job. Not without risking coming back to a seriously injured DaVincian at least. Mwahahah.

Seriously though. The "sickbay" update has taken way too long to finish: it just has implications so many places around, it's frustrating.

Read the rest of this update and then let us know what your thoughts are in the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Fri, Jul 28, 2006

Seed Takes a Refreshing Departure From Standard MMOs

A review of this newly released MMO was posted at GameZone. Michael Lafferty took time to write up his thoughts as he tried Seed out.

Seed, from Runestone, is not your typical online game. First of all, there are no wide-open vistas and environments that will have players traversing the world. The game centers within the colonizing structure that is known as Da Vinci. Secondly, there is no combat, no mobs that you kill to gain experience and level up. Instead Seed focuses on maintaining the colony platform, fixing various and persistent equipment breaks, leveling up engineering skills and then, if you so choose, engaging in the politics within the colony.

Of course, this requires a different mindset on the part of the gamer. It also, in many ways, requires more creativity.

Read the full review at GameZone.

Thu, Jun 22, 2006

It comes in really handy for the directionally challenged.

Encyclopledia, rumours, favours, reactions and moods have been added to the road map of upcoming game additions.

You can find more information here.

More Seed news.

Fri, Jun 09, 2006

There are prizes to be had!

Location graphics as well as lightning and particle effects in Seed have improved vastly during the latest months. So vastly that our current collection of screen shots and videos on our website is rather outdated.

We need new ones, and we would like all of you to help creating a large collection of great, intriguing, fascinating, original screen shots and video clips. All screens/videos published afterwards on the website will carry the credit (forum name) of the person who submitted them.

As in all competitions there will be prices for the best contributions as well. We have emptied our suitcases from E3 and gathered a little pile of our best swag.

The prices will be:

* 1st price: 1 Seed boiler suit + 1 Seed T-shirt (limited sizes available) + 14 days added to paid subscription *. * 2nd-5th price: 1 Seed T-shirt (limited sizes available) + 14 days added to paid subscription *. * 6th-10th price: 14 days added to paid subscription *.

*For trial players the 14 days will be added to the first paid subscription period following the trial.

Boiler suits worn by our E3 actors can be seen here:

T-shirt front and most of the back are shown by Jan and Stephane here:

The jury will consist of lead artist Jan Roed Thastum, lead writer Alex Uth and communications manager Morten Juul.

You can read the rules right here. on their forums.

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Tue, Jun 06, 2006

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