Fiesta Online First Impressions Review

By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley
By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley

The OutSpark website blatantly tells readers that Fiesta Online is a massively-multiplayer online game (MMOG) aimed at players in their early teens, but the game has a lot to offer everyone. The game is set in the world of Isya, where the goddess of hope Teva governs a world of humans and elves that look to her as their salvation. There are other gods, however, those born of the shattered Legel, god of Chaos. These gods continually strive to reform Legel and overcome the world of Isya.

I'll recount my experiences downloading and installing Fiesta Online. Also, I'll cover character creation, leveling into the teens, and why Fiesta Online can be thought off as MMOGs 101 for the next generation of gamers.

Fiesta Online uses the standard archetypes of archer, cleric, mage, and warrior.

Download and Installation
The system requirements for Fiesta Online are not challenging. It will run on any Pentium IV or equivalent system at 1.6GHz with 512MB of RAM running Windows XP or Vista. Please note that a high-speed Internet connection is required. Sorry, dial-up users. The download is just under 620MB and installs at 3GB.

In an era when many free-to-play games can only be downloaded from a mirror, it was nice to be able to get the installer from the OutSpark website. The download is pretty smooth, and installation is easy. The installer guides you through the steps, and you mostly just watch it do the work.

For me, the hardest part of getting started in Fiesta Online was creating an account password that worked within the parameters given. It was the usual mandate to use letters, numbers, and symbols. But certain symbols not listed anywhere wouldn't work, so it took me 5 minutes to create a valid password. Good luck to me trying to remember it!

Character Creation
Fiesta Online uses the standard archetypes of archer, cleric, mage, and warrior. Archers excel in ranged damage but lack spells and the ability to wear better than leather armor. Clerics are healers and buffers who will require a party to succeed at higher levels. Mages are the stereotypical "glass cannons" who can get off a huge burst of damage with magic spells but crumble under any attack.

The Mage makes things go boom.

Warriors can wear the best armor and have the most hit points while still being able to dish out some damage.

Players have a few customization options, but it was pretty standard fare for a free game. Each character of the same class and gender will look the same at creations and acquire items from quests, monsters, and the online mall to establish a unique look.

I played my first night as a Mage, wanting to see some pretty spell effects. Kills were fast and easy as I blasted my way through monsters at will. I only had to stop and rest to refill mana every now and again.

The next night, my wife and I both created characters. She chose a Cleric, and I took Archer. In the early levels, my Archer felt weaker than her Cleric. We did about the same melee damage and took roughly the same damage from foes. I felt at a huge disadvantage compared to her because she at least had heals. I am told that Archers become the masters of dealing damage to a single foe at higher levels. I couldn't stand it and switched to my Mage once my wife's cleric was the same level as him.

There's more to Fiesta Online. Keep reading about the graphics, user interface, controls, and leveling in Fiesta Online.

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