EVE Online Dev Chat Log (Sunday, May 31)

All the answers you might have missed.

All the answers you might have missed.

The Dev's for EVE Online held a dev chat yesterday, May 31st. It covered everything from mission payouts to the upcoming Assault Ships rebalancing.

MMORPG_Taera: allseeingI asks, Will Assault Ships be rebalanced in a near future, and if yes - in what way?

Greyscale: Yes, definitely. I know they're high up on the balance team's list of issues, but they're not happy currently with the range of options they have available on that front

Greyscale: When we have the ability to properly differentiate them from other ship classes and give them a viable and unique role they'll definitely get revised, but I don't have any info on exactly when that'll be

For the full log, check here.

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