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Ten Ton Hammer: Tell us about the rewards or loot characters can get?
Ten Ton Hammer: Tell us about the rewards or loot characters can get?

Glen: Loot is the reason adventurers set off into the wilds! Collecting Common, Rare or Exotic treasures which are specific to the location being explored.  There are thousands of individual loot pieces to find and collect.  Typically this is just used to sell and then fund the purchase of custom gear back at the tavern for your class, which in turn increases your power.  

This is what your page looks like when you're exploring the world.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there some form of PvP in the game? Are there ways players can compete?

Glen: There's no ganking new players in Dragon Tavern. What we do have is a more indirect competitive system between players who can try and overtake their friends with their characters.  For the more PVP oriented player, the hardcore and limited game types are the perfect fit.  To facilitate this, we've also got competition groups set up so that if you want you can filter the top scores and recent happenings to a group name which you pass to your friends, and then you can see amongst them who is doing the best, who just had their level 30 hardcore character defeated, and who's been able to crack level 50 with a limited character somehow.  I'd like to see players getting competitive with their friends about this, but it's one of the elements which will probably take a while for new players to discover the full potential of.  

Ten Ton Hammer: What is your favorite part about Dragon Tavern from a design perspective?

Glen: Given I'm a pen and paper RPG player with around 20 years experience, I love being able to create a virtual world with its own history and lore. If you're the reading type, a lot of the locations and sub location descriptions will paint the picture of how the game world has been shaped by its past, and combined with some of the monsters, a richer story unfolds.  Of course, not everyone cares about this type of thing, and if you don't care about it we certainly won’t force you to read through swathes of text to get to the monster bashing part.  For me though, most monsters, loot and places in the game are all part of a bigger story, which I hope players enjoy learning about and feel a sense of attachment to.   

Ten Ton Hammer: How can players sign up to check out the game? Is there a cost?

Glen: Dragon Tavern is, and always will be, a free game to play. You can sign up and get going within 5 minutes or less, and the way we've constructed character generation, there's no wrong choice you can make (and this continues into skill and gear advancement too).  For the enthusiastic player, there are things you can purchase in the game to speed things up, get more AP, and bestow advantages onto your character, such as returning to the Tavern for free, being able to carry extra gear with a bag of holding (soon to be released in the game! You heard it here first folks), and others.  The purchase items are something we hope to have dozens of in the near future, for players to customize their gameplay experience with.  

The early success of the game so far has us very optimistic about the potential of the game and I personally am really happy to see around several thousand people in our first week sign up and get out there cracking skulls for loot and glory.

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