Another Top Guild Disbands

Posted Sat, Jun 07, 2008 by Messiah

Forte Calls it Quits

It hasn't been a good time for top guilds lately. While not quite as famous as Death and Taxes, Forte has been a consistent top guild. They have achieved many boss kills in first 5 in the world. They posted an interesting short story of their guild, its history and the reasons for its end.

Many of you have probably wondered where Forte has been in terms of progress in PvE after patch 2.4. Well, here is the story of Forte in short and what has happened, yeah it's over.

Forte was created on the realm Daggerspine ~3 years ago and since then it has been a long journey for some and little shorter for others. The realm Daggerspine had its downside when it became mass populated and with that it brought the lag/crashes, this was during the AQ period. The choice was obvious to move to another realm and this time it was, Kazzak.

You can read the entire message here.

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