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Falling Down angst meets The Sound of Music grace...

Like all class features in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO), the barbarian Rage has a limited number of uses per rest period. Therefore--like the other class features--barbarians must carefully distribute their use of Rage. Darkgolem takes a look at Rage, telling us when to use it and how to get more out of Rage through Feats and Enhancements:

When Rage is used, it can be multiplied in effect by Feat choices.
Immediately, a two handed weapon does a half more strength damage than a single handed weapon. And even more, the benefits of Power Attack adds to this, too. So a barbarian using a two handed weapon with the full bonuses of Greater Rage and the Enhancements I mentioned has a +7 damage bonus, and a +15 with Power Attack!

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