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Tortage City

Levels 5-20

New characters in Age of Conan start on Tortage Beach and work their way to the city of Tortage. This pirate haven contains a plethora of quests to get players on their way to becoming heroes of Hyboria. It is home to the first class Destiny Quests and several dungeons and mini-regions to gain experience.

Tortage City Guide
Tortage Video Guide

Old Tarantia


Aquilonians will find themselves in Old Tarantia after they leave Tortage. This city is the proud home of King Conan himself. Here you will find vendors, traders, and all sorts of quests leading you all over Hyboria.

Old Tarantia City Guide



Stygians gather to Khemi as their central hub. This city offers all the amenities of the other cities while providing adventurers a wide array of quests and excitement.

Khemi City Guide

Conarch Village


Young Cimmerians will travel to Conarch Village after leaving Tortage to discover its quiet beauty. The village has all the shops of major cities, but includes some unique quests and lore to keep the adventurer adventuring.

Conarch Village Guide

Wildlands of Zelata

Levels 20-40

A realm where villages struggle to prosper while ferile creatures stalk the wilderness.

Wildlands of Zelata Guide

Conall's Valley

Levels 20-35

A lush beautiful valley serving as a battlefield against the Vanir.

Conall's Valley Guide

Khopshef Province

Levels 20-40

The endless deserts of Stygia, plagued by bandits and beasts.

Khopshef Province Guide

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