Preview Beyond Protocol at Origins Game Fair

Posted Thu, Jun 12, 2008 by Ram

Go Beyond!

The new MMO RTS space game will be docking at the Origins Game Fair later this month.

Here’s another stop on the tour bus for Dark Sky Entertainment. They’ll be showing off Beyond Protocol at the upcoming Origins Game Fair in Columbus Ohio from June 25th – 29th. Come play the game, grab some swag, and meet the developers. Most of which will be present at this one. So, if getting up close and personal with the big guys, and gals, of BP sounds like a good idea to you, come to Columbus and look for the Beyond Protocol booth at the Origins Game Fair!

While there, you might want to take the opportunity to preorder the game, which comes with some pretty sweet bonuses. The first of which is instant access to the, currently closed, beta. Next, preordering takes the first month’s subscription off your mind. You’ll also get a great Beyond Protocol tee shirt to show all your friends and wear to your sister’s wedding! There’s also a special in game hull that only preordered accounts will get to use. If all of that wasn’t enough, there’s another special bonus for guilds with 25 preorders or more, a unique space station that also comes with a skin containing the guild’s logo of choice! With preorder hull ships, guarding a unique guild space station, everyone who sees it will know just how dedicated you are to this game.

For more information, please visit Beyond Protocol.

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