Celetania Reveals Spaceships of the Grogg

Posted Thu, Jun 12, 2008 by Ram

Design Your Fleet!

After announcing the release date of the persistent 4X MMOG Celetania (November 2008), Vulcando Games now unveils the first details to the spaceships of the Grogg.

The Grogg ( are the trader race of Celetania.

You will find videos and descriptions for the chassis, that are the base element of every spaceship, on the official website. Utilizing these chassis in a sophisticated construction kit, you will be able to individually equip them the way you desire.

Starting now, Vulcando Games will be publishing updates about the state of the game every two weeks – which will also include descriptions and videos. The spaceships of the warrior race - the S.E.C.C.T.S. – will be in our next update and extensively introduced .

For more, please visit Celetania.

Here Comes Trouble

Seeing as the Grogg ships are well known to you now, Vulcando Games presents you the S.E.C.C.T.S. chassis.

Wed, Jun 25, 2008

Design Your Fleet!

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Thu, Jun 12, 2008

Be offline and still get things done!

That's right! This type of gameplay allows your empire to be managed by multiple settings all done by you when you are gone.

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Fri, Jun 06, 2008
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Thu, Aug 14, 2008

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