Elf Online: New Version Event Preview

Posted Tue, Jun 17, 2008 by Ram

New and Improved!

A series of new events will be released soon in the next update. Changes, bug fixes and new elements added. But for now, let’s get a quick view of what a brand new Elf Online has.

Treasure Hunting Quest: To attend the event, players have to apply to join in at Mend Da in Sunset Prairie or Wu Xiaohu in Tranquil Seacoast 1. After you apply for join in, you may accept quest from Meng Da Wu Xiaohu, they will ask you to find Treasure Managers who are waiting at Tranquil Seacoast 1 and Sunset Prairie to finish some quests. If you could finish the quest, you will be rewarded.
Requirement: All players participated should above Lv 20
Reward: Posters, you may also have certain possibility to get treasure map.

Treasure Hunting: When you had gethered 8 treasure maps of the same No., you may go to the Treasure Manager whose number could match the No. of the to hunt for treasure. You will get Exp, coins and mine.
Reward: Exp, coins, mine, rare items.

Event Item:
Poster: Posters is used to exchange treasure maps and special materials for making imaginary armors like magic crystal and fortifier.

Mine:Mine is to play tricks on other player who want to hunt treasure. When you get the mine, you may ask the treasure manager to place the mine for you. When the other players come to hunt treasure, mine will explore and the player will be send back to the village.

For more details, please visit Elf Online.

New and Improved!

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Tue, Jun 17, 2008

Carnival Fun For All!

Fri, Jun 13, 2008

Get a car to drive through Elf Online!

Elf Online is launching their summer sales campaign which includes special item giveaways!

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Tue, Jun 10, 2008

Go ahead, make my day!

And make the summer fun and enjoyable with Elf Online. During the month of June all players whom reach the required level will gain generous rewards!

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Mon, Jun 02, 2008

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