New Dungeons & Dragons Online Build: Ironclad Zealot

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Holy, Wholly Defensive Paladin

Save-vs-DM returns with a new way to build your Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) paladin. This time, the
focus is entirely on defense:

Playing an Ironclad Zealot is really quite simple. In
general, you
should keep Combat Expertise on most of the time, unless you happen to
be fighting hoards of creatures with a low attack bonus. When you
encounter a large group of creatures, simply wade into the hoard and
hit Intimidate to pull the agro. At this point, go into blocking mode
and use shield bash attacks to hold the agro while your allies cut down
the mob.

Read Ironclad
Zealot, at the DDO - Ten Ton Hammer community site
to learn more!

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