Chronicles of Spellborn - Rogues Explained

Posted Thu, Jun 01, 2006 by Awenyddion

A new developer journal on explains the rogue class in the Chronicles of Spellborn.

Every class in TCoS has 3 basic attributes -, primary, secondary and auxiliary. The character’s primary attribute is defined by the class’s archetype, while the secondary attribute is determined by the actual class. The third auxiliary attribute has a small impact on the player's statistics but no impact on class-specific statistics and skills.

The primary archetype attribute for rogues is 'focus'. The focus attribute impacts many of the class’s basic statistics like an increased attack speed and allows the rogue to use basic focus-related skills.

Every rogue is granted the use of basic focus-related rogue skills when they reach the appropriate level, regardless of their class. Some examples of the rogue archetype skills include:

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