Auto Assault Reviewed at iAfrica

Posted Thu, Jun 01, 2006 by Ethec

An Auto Assault review that reads like a preview...

In one of those strange reviews that gives a banal score without really describing what's to dislike, iAfrica gives Auto Assault a 7 out of 10. I do appreciate the perspective of someone not really into MMOs, I just wish the perspective was a little more... critical.

A welcome feature is the ability to create up to twelve different characters on each server. This allows you to experience the different races and classes at any time. So when you get bored of one character just switch over to the next one in line.

You may feel disorientated at first, but things soon become second nature. The user interface is comprehensive but well laid out so that everything is literally a click away. There is even a bandwidth monitor notifying you how strong or weak your connection is. Needless to say, a broadband connection is definitely required to fully enjoy this game. You will experience lag here and there but this is only because there isn't a dedicated local server yet — you'll connect through the UK server.

iAfrica's review of Auto Assault is available by clicking here, and if your interest survives the score, check out the Auto Assault @ Ten Ton Hammer community site!


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