Auto Assault Terminator Guide Revamped

Posted Wed, Jun 07, 2006 by Ethec

I'll be back! Errrr....

The Auto Assault @ Ten Ton Hammer Terminator class guide has had a complete tune-up. The skill list has been reorganized and even more information has been added to our guide! An even more efficient class guide for one of the most efficient classes in Auto Assault!

The Terminator is a “tank” type class. Being a tank class enables them to have the most defense, hit points, and probably the highest source of constant damage at the cost of utility and support. There aren’t many thrills here, no summons to send after enemies or magical spells to cast. Cut and dry, the Terminator unloads its weapons into the enemy while holding their attention to prevent the others in the convoy from being beat on.

Take a drive over to our Terminator Class Guide at Auto Assault - Ten Ton Hammer!


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