Exteel First Impressions Review

Updated Wed, Jun 25, 2008 by Morvelaira

Have you heard about the FTP game Exteel from NCSoft, but didn't know much about it? Or have you just been waiting until someone else has played it so you have an opinion to go off of? Wait and wonder no more, as Ten Ton Hammer's Anna "Morvelaira" Dotson has gone in, scoped it out, and is here to tell you what she thinks.

Oh, be still my Gundam heart!

Exteel is a purely pvp based game, built around the concept of you as a sci-fi shooter Mechanaught pilot. Not only is your machine fully customizable, but you can go around and battle other pilots as well, usually in a team setting. Let's break this down, shall we?

You can read the full Exteel review by clicking here!


NCsoft is cutting another game loose with the cancellation of Exteel

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