Horizons Updates

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Here are some new updates for Horizons.

The following changes, fixes and additions were made to the Live shards on Tuesday, June 6, 2006:

Peter S. Beagle Wedding Quest

* A new Gnome Community named Pajalsti has been constructed near the community of Genevia.
* Several Gnomes (related to the Peter S Beagle wedding quest) from around Istaria have moved to Genevia Island. Among them are:
o Besoya Shum moved from Dalimond to Pajalsti.
o Lamorak Dree moved from Parsinia to Pajalsti.
o Basiliak Krebs moved from Dalimond to Pajalsti.
o Mabrouk Mar moved from Kirasanct to a new house near Cedar Cove.
o Eliahu Krik moved from Feladan to a house near Istara's Loom.
* Williwaw will now block entry into the Wedding Grounds until players speak with him.
* Fixed the directions to Mabrouk Mar in the quest "Secure a lock of Elioncha's hair and bring it to Oriskaly"

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