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Posted Thu, Jun 08, 2006 by Awenyddion

Here are some new updates for Horizons.

The following changes, fixes and additions were made to the Live shards on Tuesday, June 6, 2006:

Peter S. Beagle Wedding Quest

* A new Gnome Community named Pajalsti has been constructed near the community of Genevia.
* Several Gnomes (related to the Peter S Beagle wedding quest) from around Istaria have moved to Genevia Island. Among them are:
o Besoya Shum moved from Dalimond to Pajalsti.
o Lamorak Dree moved from Parsinia to Pajalsti.
o Basiliak Krebs moved from Dalimond to Pajalsti.
o Mabrouk Mar moved from Kirasanct to a new house near Cedar Cove.
o Eliahu Krik moved from Feladan to a house near Istara's Loom.
* Williwaw will now block entry into the Wedding Grounds until players speak with him.
* Fixed the directions to Mabrouk Mar in the quest "Secure a lock of Elioncha's hair and bring it to Oriskaly"

You can find more updates here at the Official Site.

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