Shot Online Hurricane Cup Screenshots

Posted Fri, Jun 27, 2008 by Aurael

Fore! Four! Look out, it's a ball coming your way!

In honor of the upcoming Hurricane Cup, a championship where players participate in online golf tournaments to earn points, Shot Online has released five new screenshots. The Hurricane Cup is sponsored by Shot Online and and will take place throughout the month of July. So check out the screenshots below, then head over to our forums and tell us what you think!

To learn more about the Hurricane Cup tournament, check out the official press release.


If you're a fan of online golfing games, GamesCampus has released a new update that you might be interested in checking out for their online golf simulation game, Shot-Online. Today's update brings an all new set of avatars, updates to the ranking system and more polish to in-game graphics. Players can now buy, sell and trade avatar cards, which range in level from 1 to 8, each with their own set of stats and bonuses. Players can put these cards to use when facing others to prove that they're the best using the game's new ranking system. Check out the official press release after the break.

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