WoW WotLK "Siege Vehicles" Video Preview

Updated Wed, Nov 19, 2008 by Ethec

Drive-by ganking will soon be possible in World of Warcraft, courtesy of siege vehicles in the upcoming expansion's purpose built, non-instanced PvP area: Wintergrasp. Powerful to varying degrees on their own, some vehicles act as troop carriers (shielding and transporting players inside), while still others have a "gunner" position in addition to the driver, and still others are full-fledged battlewagons, allowing players ranged-attack capability with their character's own skills while embarked. For which is which and how it all works out, check out this video, recorded live at Blizzard Invitational '08, below!

And, for an in-depth look at Wintergrasp and the various siege weapons and vehicles, be sure to check out the companion article: Wintergrasp Sneak-Peek.

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