WoW: Rogue Guide - Trainers and Weapon Masters

Posted Sun, Jul 06, 2008 by DarkFact

WoW: Rogue Guide - Trainers and Weapon Masters

We have updated our rogue guide once more, this time adding a complete list of trainers where you can go and learn your skills, or upgrade your old ones, as well as a list where you may find weapon trainers no matter what kind of weapon suits your style!

Starting out, all rogues have daggers, thrown weapons and unarmed as options to fight with, however, you will need to head to a major city to learn further proficiencies with your weapons. Since leveling is recommended with Swords, you should head to Stormwind, Exodar, Undercity or Silvermoon City in order to train them as soon as possible and begin leveling with your newfound skill.

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