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Posted Wed, Jul 09, 2008 by Morvelaira

Explore the Cleric!

In the continued visual exploration of the classes of Silkroad Online, we come to the European Cleric. Masters of healing magic, Clerics can also buff and protect a party significantly. Just as in other games, you don't want to go out into the wild blue yonder without a Cleric.

One of the six classes available to the European race in Silkroad Online, the Cleric is a master of healing magic that plays a very important role in party-based adventuring. Players who choose this path have the ability to restore health, cure status ailments, resurrect dead characters, and boost the defenses of fellow party members, allowing the fighters to focus on the battle at hand. Clerics are often seen in parties trying to level, with groups who are running trades, or in town selling buffs to other players.

- A typical cleric, equipped with a rod and light armor.
- She helps keep party members free of status afflictions.
- Using the Bless skill, she can greatly increase a party's defenses, including her own.
- Resurrecting fallen players is another notable ability.
- This cleric uses her healing power to restore the HP of a party member.
- When needed, she can also defend herself with a few attacks of her own.

To see the Clerical images, please go here.

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