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EVE Online Impressions - Riding the Unicycle

Posted Wed, Jul 09, 2008 by Cody Bye

Space can be a scary place, but only if you come in unprepared. As the second in a series of articles focused on the gameplay in EVE Online, Cody "Micajah" Bye takes a solid look at the PvP-friendly game and explains many of the early nuances that he experienced while flying through the black depths of the game world. Although the editorial focuses on character creation, anyone interested in EVE and concerned about the unique play style should check it out!

You see, EVE Online doesn’t rely on the simple “kill the monster to get XP” equation that so many gamers are used to. Instead, EVE Online uses an allotted amount of time that is based on your attribute scores. For example, when I first created my EVE Online character, I opted for a Caldari Civire, which gave me very high perception and willpower attributes. I opted to go this route because many of the combat-based skills – gunnery, sharp shooting, missile launching – are based off of those particular attributes. In order to advance my skills I must “train” them, which takes anywhere from 2 hours to days in real time, and the time it takes to “train” those skills varies depending on my scores in my primary and secondary attributes.


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