Combat Arms Goes Live

Nexon launches Combat Arms, a Multiplayer Online FPS.

Nexon launches Combat Arms, a Multiplayer Online FPS.

Combat Arms is ready for duty. Nexon, the developer of Combat Arms, is no stranger to the market considering their successes with Mabinogi and the highly acclaimed Maple Story. While staying the course of the other free to play MMO Nexon games, Combat Arms goes in a completely diferent direction with its First Person Shooter gameplay. According to the press release:

"Nexon Group, announced today the official launch for Combat Arms, its original free-to-play, online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS). The official launch signals the completion of beta testing and the addition of fresh content, including new weapons and an extra map and game mode. Also going live is the game's ranking system, where players can track their skill level, kills, clan matches and more."

Different from the other MMOs from Nexon, Combat Arms provides more of a squad based "clan management" system and ways for clans to battle for supremacy:

Just because you're a soldier of fortune doesn't mean you have to go it alone! All the tools you'll need to build a top squad are at your disposal in-game, from managing applicants to putting up notices for your members. You'll also be able to easily find matches with other player clans through our Clan Match system, and battle to become the top mercenary outfit!

Think you have what it takes to rise up on the public ranking systems? Combat Arms will pit you against enemies in all manners of battlefield zones and then display the results on the website so you can track your stats and progress. As you progress, you will "level up" and unlock weapons to further advance your rankings.

For the details and downloads, go to the Combat Arms website.

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