Forum Discussion - BC Growing Stale, WoTLK Soon Please?

Posted Sun, Jul 13, 2008 by Messiah

An interesting list of questions popped up in the forums the other day, that Nethaera from Blizzard chose to answer. Check them out...

1. Lack of new content and summer weather are leaving raids short handed.
2. Stagnation of new content is causing some members to jump to "more hardcore" guilds in the hopes of seeing more of Sunwell.
3. Lack of new content and lack of community goals is dragging down morale and general interest in the game.
4. PVP is still boring, frenzied, and unimaginative offering no new option for us gamers who have been playing for 3 years +.

Guilds go through this during holidays, summer, etc. I understand the frustration that goes with wanting your guild to be more active right along side of you, but it always gets better as we get back into the end of summer.

You can find the rest of the questions and answers in the official forums here.

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