WoW: Elwynn Forest Region Guide

Posted Sat, Jun 24, 2006 by LadySirse

A Walk Through the Forest

Elwynn Forest, a forest so lush you would almost think of it as Night Elf land. New Humans go from level 1-10 in this wonderfully scenic zone. Although things can be confusing with a feuding farms, Murlocs everywhere, and crazy ninja rogues who like to hang around in vineyards. That's why Ten Ton Hammer how has a complete walkthrough of levels 1-10 in Elwynn Forest! Everything you need to know to get
through this zone in a speedy fashion!

"Elwynn Forest is a vast sprawling woodland inhibited by the bulk of
the Human population. The forest itself is home to many wild creatures
ranging from boards and wolves to the strange kobolds and murlocs.
Elwynn Forest enjoys the security of the Stormwind guard, but that
security is only reserved for the roads and towns. Many places are
overrun by the Defias staging camps or one of the many strange
creatures that have taken up residence in this land. The majestic city
of Stormwind lies in the northwest of the forest, looking over the
last remaining cities of the Human empire."

Read more about the Elwynn Forest at WoW Ten Ton Hammer.

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