Chaos Online: Weapon System Preview

By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley
By Danny "Ralsu" Gourley

Chaos Online is a free-to-play game in development by Ingle Games. The two races of the world have been warring against one another for centuries when they are confronted by the technologically advanced Gene Race. They then must unite to defeat this new threat and protect the resources of their planet. Features of Chaos Online include a growth system that allows items to be upgraded in terms of level and quality, three types of wars, an item socketing system and a magic cube system in which items are processed to enhance their attributes, add sockets, etc.

Ingle Games. has just released a preview of the weapon system for their game. As usual, Ten Ton Hammer has the scoop.


As you may know from a previous introduction, the weapon system is the most attractive feature of Chaos Online. Today, we would like to go over the weapon system in Chaos Online with our readers.

Obtaining a Weapon

There are several ways to obtain a weapon. You can get weapons from the NPC's in town, you can collect different materials and craft your own weapons, or you can get weapons from killing monsters. You can also purchase weapons from booths setup by other players.

Weapon Quality

Weapons have five different qualities. They are: normal (white), refined (green), elite (blue), perfect (violet), and awakened (yellow). Usually, you can get normal weapons from NPC's in town; you can get normal, refined, or elite weapons from killing monsters. You can also craft to get all of the different quality weapons by using different quality Crystals. The higher the quality of the Crystal used the more chance of getting a higher quality weapon. You can also use a gem to upgrade a weapon’s quality, but this function is still under development.

Weapon Growth

You can use a growing weapon once you have reached level 20. Besides the normal weapons, all other quality of weapons can absorb experience during the battles and grow. If your weapon is the awakened one, it will grow faster and it will become a very powerful weapon. Besides self-grow, you can also upgrade a weapon’s levels, even though this function is still under development, it is almost finished. You can also consider upgrading a weapon’s quality as another kind of growth too.

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