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Crafting Classes


The Master of all things consumable, the Alchemist is the class that nearly all players rely upon to make us better and stronger as fighters. They create food, drink, and various potions that not only give us a boost while we are resting, but also give us a valuable aid in combat.


The Architect is the brains behind our buildings and siege equipment.  They produce the plans and resources to produce our beautiful guild cities and our much needed siege equipment so that we may protect our lands and wage successful war against our enemies.


I think most us of will agree that rushing into battle pantless is unwise.  Thankfully, because of the Armorsmith, we don't have to!  This class is responsible for putting the clothes on our back that protect us against the foul creatures that would tear through your skin otherwise.  Not to mention allowing us to look quite dangerous and dashing for the ladies.


Being the best that you can be in battle is not just about what you wear and what you eat, it's also about the enhancements! The Gemcutter's job is to create the magical items that provide our gear with special properties. The end result is equipment that might appear to be ordinary, but these gems truly make them extraordinary!


A resident of Hyboria is nothing without their weapon. Whether it be a blade, dagger, staff, or spear, the Weaponsmiths of the land put into our hands the tool that we use to protect ourselves and our allies. Quality weapons often mean the difference between defeating our foe or being defeated, so never under estimate the need for this crafting class!

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