From CC '08: The Making of WAR's Paul Barnett video

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We knew we were going to be entertained; we didn't know we'd be inspired. WAR Creative Director Paul Barnett's performance at Comic Con '08 had little to do with Warhammer Online, but if you were tuning in for juicy game details, you'll have to content yourself a powerful personal manifesto on what brought Paul to this point in his career and how his story and job history may not be too different than yours or mine.

Paul then tells three "geek parables" culled from stories in his past, each detailing a particular attribute Paul feels is vital for the role of Creative Director (imagination, perception & persuasion, and devotion). Ten Ton Hammer premium members get the full session, while non-premium folks get a 10 minute preview highlighting the "flying poultry" or perception part. Only Paul could tie it all together, so click play to watch the video!

NON-PREMIUM VERSION DISPLAYED: A 10 minute preview of the full video. become a premium member today to get immediate access to 40 minutes of Paul Barnett humor and inspiration and much, much more!

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