Darkfall Europe vs N. American Launch

Move to Europe if you want in on Darkfall's first launch.

Move to Europe if you want in on Darkfall's first launch.

Darkfall developer/forum poster Tasos is answering the long-debated topic of whether Darfall will launch simultaneously in Europe and North America. Short answer, "No," Darkfall will most likely launch in Europe before we see it on this side of the big mostly-blue sea. I don't see a problem with this, but I'm sure there are others that just lost consciousness. Forget for a moment that the largest developers and publishers strain to put out a game at all, let alone a game on multiple continents. This is the deal, get over it. Heck, let Europe live through primary launch and then we can enjoy a nice smooth launch here. I can dream.

The answer to the question on whether we're going to launch in N. America and Europe at the same time is: "Right now it doesn't look that way"

I’ve been frustrated by issues like these while waiting for a game myself, and I’ll try to explain this as well as I can:

1. First of all, this isn’t an issue of us being located in Europe. It just means that things are moving faster for Darkfall in Europe. A few months ago, it was the other way around and that’s how fluid things are at the moment.

2. It would be a publishing and a logistics issue that the European launch might precede a N. American launch. We have a publishing partner in Europe; we haven’t settled on one in N. America yet. Unfortunately as things stand right now, we can’t launch in both regions at the same exact time but, of course, we would like to.

3. While the actual status on this hasn’t changed much since our friends visited our offices, things are moving at a fast pace.

4. What we can say with relative certainty is that the first beta test will be on the European servers. This isn’t to say that N. American players will be excluded from it.

5. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that N. American players would be excluded from playing on a European server.

6. While we haven’t selected a publisher in N. America yet like we have in Europe, this doesn’t actually mean that we need one, or that we're going to wait for one, in order to launch the game there.

7. Our publishing effort has been for a common infrastructure and we’ve been adopting solutions with a global reach so that the setup in one region could be shared by- or quickly duplicated in the other. I don’t want to say that we could be up in N. America in no time, but that’s our intention.

8. It’s important to remember that our preferred scenario is to launch Darkfall in N. America and Europe at the same time. This is on our mind as we move forward. Even if we don’t manage this, it’s our intention to move very quickly to catch up.

After reading this, they are offering an area for feedback on their forums. Have at them, maybe if you flame them enough they will launch in North America first, or maybe not at all. On second thought, hold off on those torches and flames, let them work on the game not the forums.

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