Blizzard Investor Chat Includes AoC and Launch Info

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Blizzard discusses competition and launch time frame for Lich King.

As reported on Shacknews during yesterday's investor call with Activision Blizzard, Michael Morhaime talked around the short-term effects Age of Conan's launch had on WoW's numbers, focusing more on the percentage that came back than the real numbers:

"Age of Conan released with some initial success," Morhaime noted. "We did see some of our players leave, [but] about 40% of those players have returned to World of Warcraft."

Also in the article, Morhaime discusses the competition but claimed immunity from providing launch time frames for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 citing solar flares, or competitive reasons, I forgot which.

Read the rest of the sparse information shared by Morhaime in the article Blizzard Talks AoC.

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